Recommendations & Technical Requirements
& Requirements

What are Techmag's recommendations and technical requirements?

Our most important requirement is a quiet, well-lit room (preferably with natural light). Your publicist will want you to look your best and these suggestions will likely mirror their guidelines:


  • Avoid wearing white, black or red.
  • Remove dangly earrings or jewelry that could hit the mic.
  • Stripes, checks, herringbone, small intricate designs don’t work well on-camera.
  • If you’re the President of the United States, probably best to avoid a tan suit.


For Zoom interviews, a high speed Internet connection is essential. You will need a good camera and microphone (in-built usually works).

Who does Techmag reach?

Mostly Europeans (90%), but expanding steadily in the US & UK thanks to more English content. Currently, the majority of our viewers are male (69%), while 74.8% of our audience is between the ages of 25-44; 10.5% is older than 45 and 14.7% is between the ages of 18-24. We don’t have any data on ethnicity or income. We hope our content is relevant for all.

How is Techmag distributed?

First and foremost, through a curated mailing list directed to this website, but a significant number of views take place on Facebook and LinkedIn. We are growing a dedicated YouTube channel and promote across social media including Instagram and Twitter. We cultivate and appreciate the positive word-of-mouth.